Chrysler Pacifica


Floor Length 89"
Floor Width 47.5"
Overall Height 69.9"
Overall Length 204.3"
Overall Width 79.6"
Wheel Base(Center Cap To Center Cap) 121.6"
To minimize wear and tear on your hearse and maintain a discreet first call process, it's advisable to have a dedicated vehicle for first call pickups. Minivans are an excellent option due to their practicality and size. Conversion options for these vehicles range from tinting or blacking out the rear windows, and installing a metal deck (or sometimes just bars) to secure the stretcher or casket. Another alternative is to modify the rear section as a landau with a casket tray, similar to a hearse.Funeral vans are highly customizable, featuring removable casket floors and landau panels, along with Stow & Go seating, which can be modified to suit any situation, from transporting flowers to responding to an at-need call.To acquire the all-new 2023 Chrysler Pacifica First Call Vehicle, contact Jones Coach Sales today at 270.842.9995 and take the first step in ensuring a discreet and reliable first call service.

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