MK Coach Grand Floral


Casket Door Opening Height 28"
Casket Door Opening Width 48.5"
Floor Length 113.5"
Floor Width 44"
Loading Height 48.5"
Overall Height 73"
Overall Length 232"
Overall Width 76.1"
Wheel Base(Center Cap To Center Cap) 142.2"


MK Coach unveiled the Grand Floral at NFDA in Nashville. The new coach fills a market niche that has been vacant for more than a decade from the industry portfolio of options. The Grand Floral is a full-size coach and flower car – all in one.The Grand Floral is a fully loaded with an impeccably designed and well-appointed interior. Chrome casket guiderails are standard and designed to protect the coach’s interior from accidental casket damage. The sliding church truck tray table is standard, allowing pall bearers convenient access during services. The European-styled low-cut rear casket door is also standard and allows bereaving family members to more easily view their loved one, whether casketed or cremated, during the procession.In fact, Grand Floral’s only option is the reverse-hinge rear side doors that allow for 180° travel to assist the funeral director with easy loading and unloading of supplies and flowers.

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